By Hannah Kay
for Optical Express

Last updated on 4th April 2019

This Innovative Laser Eye Surgery Could Help Thousands Achieve 20/20 Vision

How this innovative laser eye surgery is a godsend for glasses-wearers across the UK

Woman undergoing laser eye treatment

A pioneering new treatment is sweeping the UK - and saving people money in the process.

Every day, people across the UK struggle with the hassle of glasses and contact lenses.

With glasses, you face constant smudging, lenses clouding up in rain and of course they can smash at any point. Contact lenses have their own issues - they're a pain to put in and out, and can get dry and itchy later in the day.

Most importantly, both can cost a fortune over time. It’s estimated that people can spend up to £22,100 on glasses or contact lenses across their life - a huge figure.

The good news is that change is coming.

With the latest changes in technology, laser eye is now affordable for all with prices starting from £19 per month per eye*.

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It's official - Laser Eye surgery is now one of the world's most performed elective surgeries

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Why is laser eye so affordable now?

With just one initial cost, this innovative laser eye surgery could provide you with 20/20 vision and save you thousands of pounds in the long term.

There are a range of payment plans to meet your needs with prices starting from £19 per month per eye*.

Plus, thanks to huge advances in technology, you’re probably suitable for treatment - even if you’ve been told you aren't. In fact, 3 out of 4 people who attend a consultation are typically found suitable, meaning you might as well check your eligibility.

How safe is it (and how quick)?

People are shocked to discover how many misconceptions they have about Laser Eye Surgery.

Not only does it correct your vision painlessly, quickly and safely, it provides perfect, long-term vision - freeing you from your glasses and contacts.**

It’s one of the world’s safest and most common elective treatments - today over 25 million people have had laser eye surgery

The biggest surprise for most people is how quick it is. The procedure can actually take less than 15 minutes per eye - a pretty quick turnaround on correcting your vision.

It’s no surprise that the most common statement after surgery is, "I’d wish I’d had it done sooner."

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*Finance subject to status. Representative Example: Cash price £595, deposit of £100, total amount of credit £495, total amount payable £595, 10 monthly payments of £49.50 at 0% APR representative. The credit advertised is provided by a number of credit providers with whom we have a commercial relationship. Price dependent on treatment type and prescription. Available in the UK only.

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